Impacted Button Battery In The Nasal Cavity
Written by Bestari Jaka Budiman, Dedy Rusdi   
Thursday, 28 July 2011 23:24
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Bestari Jaka Budiman, Dedy Rusdi


A button battery in the nasal cavity of the children is an unnusual foreign body, which can cause liquefaction necrosis with subsequent severe local tissue destruction. All button batteries as foreign bodies in the nasal cavity should be removed immediately to prevent severe local tissue damage, resulting in late sequelae, such as septal perforation or stenosis of the nasal cavity. Sometimes their removal were relatively easy, but sometimes could be very challenging.

One  case  of  button  battery  in  nasal cavity in a 3 years old boy was  reported, which had been performed an extraction under general anesthesia. Full Article

Key word: Button battery, nasal foreign body, septal perforation

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